Allan Elias

allanaliasAllan Elias is an experienced and successful Executive Coach and Human Resources Development Specialist.

He has had extensive experience in his field working in the corporate world and serving more than 20 years in two large Retail and Hospitality organisations.

During his tenure as Training and Development Director Allan acquired vast experience working with Managing Directors and Executives on diverse projects involving the development of the organisation. In addition to this he has served on many boards and committees.

Allan is a specialist in building leadership capability in organisations assisting business leaders to make a noteworthy difference in this area.

Past experience has contributed significantly to Allan’s current occupation as an Executive Coach enabling him to confidently work with clients in this area.
As an Executive Coach Allan is experienced and comfortable working with top management. He is able to build rapport with executives and operate within the ambit of their mandated work, goals and objectives. His experience of business is invaluable and enables him to understand the pressures and needs of Executives.

Allan’s experience of working with Human Capital in organisations also holds him in good stead.

Allan is an expert facilitator and has had many years of working with teams and individuals, thereby enhancing his ability to coach executive clients.

He has a unique ability to build solid relationships, engender trust and act professionally when interacting with people he works with, thereby adding to his worth as an Executive Coach.

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