Are your people engaged with your brand?

Do they understand your brands values and live them?

Do they believe in your Brand?

We believe in the value of engaging your people with your brand. We believe that their level of engagement contributes to the success of organisation as well as their happiness in the workplace. We have workshops that await the injection of your brand, alternately we can create a bespoke solution.

Explore-It Map


The Explore-IT Map is a visual learning tool that can be used within a training program to communicate a message. This unique learning tool consists of a compilation of images related to the subject matter. The images are intended to initiate dialogue among the learners leading to important insights that are in line with the learning outcomes of the program. An Explore-it map session must be lead by a facilitator or a respected leader within the organisation.

The Explore-It Map has been extremely successful in communicating topics in which individuals need to engage. For example;

  • Diversity
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Induction programs
  • Brand Essence Engagement Programs.


I am ‘Your Brand’


I am ‘Your Brand’ is a workshop that focuses on aligning your employees with the brand essence of your organisation. The main focus is on discovering your personal Brand and aligning it with your organisations Mission, Vision and Values.  This workshop will empower your employees unite your team and bridge the gap between management and staff level.

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