Winners@work is a series of powerful, four hour workshops targeted at empowering the staff in an organisation. The series consists of a number of modules that can be customised to fit within an organisations needs. Modules can be run as a ‘once off’ experience or as a one to three day course, depending on how many modules are needed. The process works at a personal mastery level and focuses on the individual taking responsibility. It also imparts the important aspects of life skills, managerial skills and leadership skills empowering individuals to perform in their lives and in their work.


The Winners@work series currently consists of the following modules;

  1. Organised@work
  2. Brand@work
  3. Team@work
  4. Collaboration@work
  5. Coaching@work
  6. Leadership@work
  7. EQ@work
  8. Communication@work
  9. Stress@work
  10. Myself@work

Learning delivery of the modules

The design of the Winners@work series incorporates a range of learning styles.

Learning style Description Learning Process
Cognitive This style of learning involves the download of information. Each staff member will receive factual information on the topic in order for them to have a clear understanding and to create a foundation for deeper learning styles. This information will be delivered in an e-book format to each delegate before the experiential workshop and will be used as a tool in a self managed group session. Pre-Learning Exercise
Experiential This learning process allows the delegates to turn facts into useful insights for themselves. This will take place during a face to face experiential workshop which will last for 3- 4 hours and will be lead by a facilitator. Experiential Workshop
Action This style of learning allows the delegates to change their insights into action through application of their knowledge to ‘real life’. Action Learning projects and Personal Development Plans will be created and followed up as part of the learning process. Post Learning exercise


The Winners@work learning process

Each Winners@work module follows the learning process below.

Self Managed in groups of 3 to 4 staff members.  Pre-Learning Exercise  


A half day facilitated workshop including all ten participants.  Experiential workshop  


An action learning exercise followed by a facilitated conference call.  Post Learning Exercise  


Pre-learning exercise

The learning process will progress with a pre-learning exercise. This exercise will focus on a cognitive style of learning. The information will be provided in the form of an e-book which will be distributed to the delegates prior to the session.

The staff will then be sorted into small groups of three to four. These groups will receive instructions on how to use their workbooks to run the session which will be self managed. The groups will be allocated a one hour slot in which they will meet and go through the information in their workbooks.

This one hour session will make use of a cognitive learning style and will create a solid foundation of understanding before attending the experiential workshop. It will also allow for the groups to fully understand the content.

Experiential Workshop

Once the pre-learning exercise has been completed, staff members will attend a three to four hour face to face session which will consist of an experiential element of learning. This session will be delivered by an experienced facilitator.

The session will consist of experiential activities and group exercises. These exercises will focus on personal reflection and discussion.

The purpose of the session will be for the staff to gain valuable personal insight around the previous information acquired in their pre-learning groups.

Post-learning exercise

At this stage the staff will have gained valuable information on the topic as well as insight through self reflection; it is now time to apply that knowledge. The staff will once again be put into self-managed groups and given instructions on completing an action learning exercise. The action learning exercises will focus on turning their insights into action. This will be followed by another one hour session focused on reflection of what they have learnt and how they can grow. This session will be run by a facilitator over a conference call at a predetermined time.

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