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The best way to learn is through a combination of learning methodologies. It is commonly acknowledged that human beings learn in different ways, and it is therefore essential to take this information into consideration when designing and delivering a workshop. If learners are provided with multiple ways to learn it improves their understanding of the workshop’s content which ensures that the purpose of the training has been met.

Most approaches to learning do not adequately address all the learning preferences of the learner and rely heavily on the cognitive element of learning. An Explore-it Map workshop addresses all of these elements.

What is an Explore-it Map Workshop?

An Explore-it map workshop uses an experiential learning model, following the process below.

  1. Learners are introduced to a topic and given information.
  2. Explore-it map session which uses visuals to ignite conversation and reflection.
  3. Learners practise what they have learnt during a training activity
  4. Learners take their new skill back to the workplace.

What is an Explore-it Map?

The Explore-it map is a visual learning tool that can be used within a soft skills training program. This unique learning tool consists of a compilation of images related to the subject matter. The images are intended to initiate dialogue among the learners leading to important insights that are in line with the learning outcomes of the program. An Explore-it map session must be lead by a facilitator or a respected leader within the organisation.

How does it work?

  1. The Explore-it map is printed and laminated as an A1 (841cm x 594cm) and placed face up on a table.
  2. A number of conversation cards are included as part of the design of the Explore –it map. These are used to ignite meaningful conversation among the learners.
  3. The facilitator reads the card or selects a learner to read it. The learners are asked to use the visuals on the Explore-it map to guide them to an answer. This process continues until all of the conversation cards have been used.

What are the benefits of using this tool?

  1. The Explore-it map creates an exciting alternative to the normal means of content delivery.
  2. It provides a solution to breaking down the barriers of language and culture through discussion.
  3. Its a team building tool, as it creates an environment where all staff levels can share their opinion regardless of their level within the organisation.

Explore-IT Map workshops

The Explore-it Map has been utilized within many workshops to date. These workshops can be customised and aligned with your organisations brand.

The following workshops are available;

A Call to Action: A call to action is a workshop that addresses customer service. It emphasises the concept of taking ownership for your responsibilities.

The ties that bind us: The ties that bind us is a diversity workshop that addresses the important diversity issues within South Africa.

HIV/AIDS: This workshop focuses on delivering basic knowledge of HIV and AIDS

Customized workshops

An Explore-it map workshop can be created for any of your training needs. It has been successfully utilised in addressing the following;

  • Induction programs
  • Branding and personal branding
  • Product launches

Contact information

For more information contact;

Sian Seward


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